Rodrigo Garib, Certified Coach

About Rodrigo

Rodrigo has advised companies on strategy and talent management for twenty years. He is the founder of Great Place to Work Institute in Chile, Peru, Spain, Australia and Canada. Currently, he leads PeopleFIRST, a consulting company that empowers organizations to transform their work environment into their greatest competitive advantage. He is an advisor and board member to companies including Transportes Nazar, Key Logistics, IBR Latam, and Hitega. Rodrigo also leads for Latin America. Visit for more information.

After discovering OKRs in 2018, Rodrigo approached Ben for advice on how to best deliver OKRs coaching to his clients. He joined the OKRs Coach Network as a founding member in 2019 and partnered with as a certified coach in 2020. He has helped both startups and large companies succeed with OKRs.

Based in Santiago de Chile, Garib is fluent in both Spanish and English. Rodrigo graduated from the Universidad Católica de Chile and has a graduate degree in Engineering Sciences. Once upon a time, he was an avid runner, achieving a time of 2:45 in the Amsterdam marathon.


Areas of Expertise

  • Help leaders to align on where to focus on making measurable progress and why.
  • Challenging pre-conceived ideas.
  • Asking questions that lead to high-quality OKRs that reflect outcomes, not output.