Karin Marcus Vaccarezza, OKRs.com Certified Coach

About Karin

Karin is a professional with more than two decades of experience in strategic management and organizational development. She works with a comprehensive vision of the organization and people, linking strategy and culture, and focusing on driving organizational success.

Karin is driven by fostering collaboration and alignment around common goals. In 2020, she implemented OKRs for the first time, recognizing the methodology as a powerful framework that not only addresses business results but also the cultural challenges of strategy execution.

She is Strategy Director at OKRs.com Latam, implementing OKR consulting programs in various organizations. Visit okrs.cl for more information.

Based in Santiago de Chile, Karin has a degree in Industrial Engineering from the University of Concepción, a Diploma in Management and Positive Psychology from the Chilean’s Institute of Positive Psychology, and an Engage Certificate from Search Inside Yourself Leadership Institute.


Areas of Expertise

  • Strategic planning
  • Strategic execution with OKRs
  • Cultural alignment.