“Ben is a forward-thinking and collaborative business partner to Dun and Bradstreet. We regularly engage Ben for advice and guidance for all of our OKRs and priorities for Marketing. He has truly pushed our thinking and helped us establish meaningful and aspirational OKRs. We owe a lot of our success to Ben’s guidance and support.”

  • Rachel Richter
    Senior Leader, Customer Analytics & Insights

“ has helped us to shift from task-driven to outcome-driven priorities for our team.”

  • Alison Zabik
    Planning & Decision Technology Manager

“It’s been enlightening working with Ben on our OKR framework. He is experienced and brings such to the table helping us learn very quickly. You witness his passion and thirst to perfecting his craft.”

  • Roger Fugett

“Dikran’s approach to OKRs is well-structured and to the point. He supported our deployment with a combination of training workshops and coaching feedback. I highly recommend Dikran as an OKRs coach.”


  • Luke Lu
    Chief of Staff

“Ben delivered an informative and energetic OKRs training for both our HR colleagues and Managers.  It helped shape how we approach OKRs and has updated our understanding of OKRs. Thanks a lot for this great training.”

  • Kuangyang
    First OKR Facilitator and Practitioner

Gerri took our leadership team and subsequently the rest of our organization of ~45 through the fundamentals of setting parameters, determining and subsequently implementing OKRs. Being mindful of our varying levels of experience and understanding of OKRs across the organization, Gerri was able to ensure shared alignment and consistently provided relatable and easy to understand examples. She worked with our team to refine and improve our targets and provided valuable insights that helped us analyze the work to be done, and ultimately simplify to the most important objectives. I’d recommend Gerri as an expert in this area – she is passionate about the work, highly methodical and professional across the board.


  • Jennifer Lussier

“Ben is the epitome of an all-star coach. He’s incredibly perceptive, a great listener, very socratic in his approach, and laser focused on improving performance. Given how powerful OKRs are to the focus and productivity of an entire organization, I’d say Ben is the most valuable consultant I’ve ever hired.”

  • John Herbold
    Chief Product Officer and Co-Founder

“Dikran facilitated an effective and extremely informational OKRs workshop with our leadership team. He was able to quickly educate us on OKRs and was flexible as we applied OKRs questioning throughout the day. Dikran gave us what we needed to take a shot at running through the three steps of an OKRs cycle on our own.”

  • Brandon Hendrix
    VP Marketing

“Ben brings his considerable experience working with a variety of clients to helping 3M identify how OKRs can be used within different teams and different situations. We particularly appreciated him helping us identify the “Why?” behind our objectives which in turn made us have stronger and more meaningful OKRs.”

  • Philip G. Clark, Ph.D.
    Technical Director

“I’m delighted with Catherine Chen’s coaching service! The amount of effort and time saved driving results and accountability with Catherine’s help has been massive. We see increased alignment through focus on goals.”

  • Kelvin Choong

“Ben and I worked together on implementing OKRs at I really enjoyed our collaboration as Ben is very easygoing, helpful and patient… He is always happy to continue the discussion and help grow your OKR knowledge.”

  • Melanie Wessles
    Agile Coach

“Dikran helped us get OKRs implemented and on track. He was very engaging and quickly responded to questions. In a short period of time, it felt like he was part of our team, not an outside consultant.”

  • Terry Copeland
    VP Operations

“Gerri has been instrumental in helping the management team at Pablo Group develop, deploy, execute, and measure our OKRs. Gerri was more than a consultant to our team. She was an active advisor invested in our success as a business and an engaging coach advocating for full team participation focused on helping us find our answers… I happily recommend Gerri to our colleagues.”

  • Steven Craig
    Director of Services

“Ben has helped us to rethink our approach to OKRs from the ground up. He has a unique ability to take what can be a very theoretical topic and make it very practical and straight forward. He has been a game changer for our organization.”

  • Dave Tucker
    Vice President, Engineering

“Dikran was extremely helpful. We had started with OKRs ourselves and were struggling with the implementation of the framework. Dikran was able to answer our questions and coach us through the process.”

  • Jason A. Meyerhoeffer
    President and CEO

“Ben provides ongoing support on introducing OKRs at Zalando in a very pragmatic way. He kicked-off Objectives & Key Results as a mindset shift. I highly recommend Ben as an enabler for organizational mindset changes regarding target setting – always a pleasure to cooperate with him!”

  • Martin Betzwieser
    Head of Finance & Customer Care

“Gerri helped me understand the best way to apply OKRs methods for my company. The acceleration we had thanks to the work done with Gerri has been impressive.”

  • Alessio Pisa

“At the end of 2017, I met Ben Lamorte. It was the tenth year of D.Light Design Limited as a world-renowned organization. It was at a time when the new businesses of subsidiaries in various countries were developing rapidly, and the organizational structure and performance appraisal mechanism urgently needed significant adjustments.”

  • Harry, Wang Zhizhong
    Co-Founder & Managing Director

“Ben’s guidance, support materials, presentations and willingness to speak directly with our teams contributes hand-in-glove with TCGplayer’s ability to continue to scale up successfully. We are very happy to recommend Ben’s amazing OKR guru work, as he has helped us advance quickly in a short period of time.”

  • Seth Mulligan
    Operations Manager

“We needed an OKRs Coach to help us create and implement OKRs. Gerri taught, coached, listened, and engaged our entire team and provided the tools we needed to stand up our OKR program and take it to the next level.”

  • Zach Posner
    Co-Founder & Managing Director

“The biggest takeaway from Ben’s OKRs training is that by knowing how to set objectives and key results, we have the information of “Who does what? When? And How”. We now have clear information which can move the needle.”

  • Regional Overseas Leadership Team

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