Ben’s Tips for OKRs Coaches

This presentation originally appeared at the 2023 OKRX Summit. In this presentation, Ben briefly covers tips to enable OKRs coaches to take their skills to the next level such as:

  1. Best practices for the OKRs coach.
  2. Using 3 phases to structure an OKRs coaching program.
  3. Start OKRs with a mission.
  4. How to embed alignment into an OKRs program.

Ben’s Beliefs on Pre-Scoring Key Results

As part of the Believe Podcast series, Senia Maymin interviews Ben on his counter-intuitive belief that scoring should be defined for key results as part of the process of defining the key results. Unlike approaches to OKRs in which key results often written as a list of commitments, Ben shares is scoring system that defines all key results as aspirational by default with an underlying commit.

OKRs Introduction to the Greek Market

As part of altoValue’s webinar series, Ben discusses the history, adoption, and where OKRs are headed with Manos Koumantakis and Stavros Giannetsos. The founders of altoValue asked Ben questions regarding his business milestones, how the framework of OKRs has evolved, how companies that Ben has coached over the years like Nike and Walmart have benefited from OKRs, and finally his thoughts on OKRs as the new way to operate Businesses & Organizations.

OKRs Video from Christina Wodtke

Before she wrote Radical Focus, Christina created an engaging OKRs video. If you don’t have 90 minutes to watch Rick Klau’s Google Ventures workshop video on OKRs, spend 21 minutes with Christina. In this short video, Christina shares her toolkit for clarity and commitment through the art of OKR.

A client interviews Ben & Paul about OKRs basics

A Fortune 500 company interviewed Ben and Paul right after the release of their OKRs book. This is an example of a video that a large company created to use as a 5-minute intro to OKRs. If you are brand new to OKRs, this video’s for you. If you’re the OKRs project lead at your organization, this video may serve as inspiration for a 5-minute intro to OKRs video that your company can use with you and a colleague filling in for Ben and Paul.

Holly Engler on OKRs at Sears, moderated by Ben & Paul

Hear the story of how OKRs fit into the Performance Enablement Framework at Sears Holdings Corporation. How did they accomplish the remarkable feat of deploying OKRs to roughly 20,000 associates in just 18 months? How did the company develop their own tool for tracking OKRs? Whether you have already deployed OKRs or are considering the model, this webinar gives you insight into what works and doesn’t work in the real world.

OKRs Office Hours with Ben #1

In this first Office Hours session, Ben Lamorte and host Jenny Herald do a deep dive on the essentials of the OKR methodology including levels, cycles, and key result types.

This video covers:

  • If, how, and when to define OKRs at various levels in an organization
  • How many OKRs you should set per team
  • The three types of key results.

OKRs Office Hours with Ben #2

In the second session of Office Hours with Ben Lamorte, we continue our deep dive on the essentials of the OKR methodology.

Watch this video to learn:

  • How to score your OKRs and update OKR progress
  • How OKRs relate to performance reviews
  • How OKRs and KPIs compare.

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