Omid Akhavan, Certified Coach

About Omid

Omid is an award-winning management consultant, trainer, and coach. He began his consulting career at IBM (USA), where he worked as a Managing Strategy & Transformation Consultant. For over 12 years, Omid has helped organizations in areas such as operational excellence, process improvement, business transformation, strategy execution and performance management.

Omid shifted his focus exclusively to OKRs in 2018. He has now trained hundreds of employees and helped dozens of organizations deploy OKRs. In 2019, Omid completed his OKRs certification with and now collaborates with Ben Lamorte to deliver OKRs training and coaching around the world.

He completed his MS in Industrial Engineering from Arizona State University in USA. Omid’s USA-issued certifications include OKRs Coach (, Lean Coach/Master (IBM), Transformational Leadership (IBM), and Six Sigma Black Belt (ASU).

What Clients Say

“Omid helped us diagnose our OKRs framework and coached us to improve it based on best practices and our unique requirements. His consulting experience and deep knowledge of OKRs helped us successfully launch v2.0 of our OKR framework. I recommend him to any organization that requires external help to (re)design, launch or improve their OKRs framework.”

Fardad Zand

Senior Strategy Director & Chief of Staff, Careem

“After using OKRs for a year and not getting the results we wanted, we asked Omid to help us. Omid’s expertise in OKRs coaching and training combined with his hands-on knowledge of strategy and e-commerce business enabled us to effectively transform our approach to OKRs. He engaged all our c-levels and coached them to realize the benefits of a true OKRs framework.”

Nima Qazi

Founder & CEO, Alibaba Travels

 “We had been using OKRs for 3 months but the moment Omid became our OKRs coach, we started to understand we were doing it wrong! Omid’s thorough understanding of the OKRs framework and his world-class coaching skills, helped us write inspiring objectives, define measurable key results, and adopt the OKR framework correctly. Omid helped us do OKRs the right way

Mehdi Sadeghpour

Founder & CEO, 1stQuest