Natalie Webb, Certified Coach

About Natalie

Natalie is an expert global management consultant with 18 years experience across 65 countries.

In 2017, Natalie began a collaboration with WorkBoard, an OKRs software company. After developing WorkBoard’s consulting practice, she founded CPEG to provide software-agnostic OKRs coaching and training. Her clients include Microsoft, TransAmerica, Comcast, MalWarebytes, Nebraska Medicine, Starbucks, Inspire Brands, and Colgate. In 2023, she discovered Ben Lamorte and The OKRs Field Book. She joined the team in 2024.

Natalie completed graduate work at Stanford University Graduate School of Business, Cornell University Graduate School of Management, and Simmons Graduate School of Leadership.  She spends most of her free time with her family between the states of Colorado and Wyoming.


Areas of Expertise

  • Defining strategy roadmaps and prioritized focus on critical bodies of work to move the needle.
  • Conducting a root cause evaluation that reveals obstacles for achieving expected results.
  • Scaling OKRs with existing goals/requirements and facilitating OKR software selection.

What Clients Say

“OKR coaching with Natalie has helped us to be our best selves. She has been tireless in addressing issues and keeping them from interfering with our progress. 

Leading OKR sessions and training company coaches, Natalie has helped us internalize the process and individuals take ownership, which in turn pushes the company towards its best possible outcomes.”

Guy Danner, PhD
Physicist & Senior Director
Cell Develompent,
A123 Systems

Natalie is tenacious, resilient, thoughtful and unafraid to roll up her sleeves. She is a builder of company culture and a connector of people. At her best, she is fostering long term client relationships and managing large scale client engagements. She invests herself into the growth of her company and her clients with honesty and integrity noticed by everyone she engages.

Ben Scieszka

Strategic Services, WorkBoard