Nash Billimoria, Certified Coach

About Nash

Nash Billimoria is a trusted advisor, coach and consultant to visionary CEOs and executive teams of fast growth technology companies, helping them to succeed in three dimensions – long term growth, social value at the core of business and team well-being. Nash is the author of numerous articles on purpose and performance in business, a regular speaker at conferences and panel discussions and has developed his own leadership model transformational programme called High Impact Culture. He’s currently working with some of Europe’s most touted companies helping them to scale in three dimensions – profit, impact and well-being.

What Clients Say

“In the few short months that Nash has been working with Aervio, our executive team has gone from being “functional” to being bonded and operating as a high performing team. Nash is an incredible asset for any start-up wanting to grow in terms of profitability, social value and team well-being, hand in hand. His energy, dedication and clarity of how new businesses have to operate to bring real value to society is exciting, human centered and overall extremely meaningful.”

Santiago Montero
Chief Executive Officer