Christian Rois, Certified Coach

About Christian

Christian is the founder of the brand and the Chief Executive behind Zielfeuer Consulting. His journey with OKRs began in 2016 when a client introduced him to this powerful methodology. Impressed by its effectiveness, he quickly adopted it in his own former company, which primarily focused on organizational and human resource development, boasting a team of over 15 dedicated employees. He studied business administration and information management at the University of Applied Sciences in Salzburg and later published a book about the “Prophylaxis of corporate crises – early risk detection for SMEs”. After starting his career as project controller in the software industry, he has held several management positions in non-profit organizations and consulting firms. He introduced balanced score-card systems, accompanied change processes and supported executives on their way to the top.

As a business coach, Christian’s interest in OKRs only grew stronger with time. After connecting with Ben Lamorte in 2021 and reading the 2022 edition of The OKRs Field Book, Rois invested in further training to become an expert in OKR coaching, successfully guiding clients through their OKR cycles. In 2022, he took the leap and founded Zielfeuer, shifting his focus towards nurturing the brand.┬áHe and his team support fast-growing organizations from various fields (IT, environmental technology, media, professional services, NPOs) in the introduction of OKRs.

Christian and his team are committed to helping businesses achieve their goals with the proven power of Their expertise and dedication make them a reliable partner for organizations seeking growth and success through effective goal-setting strategies.

Areas of Expertise

  • Strengths-based OKRs coaching for inner clarity and proactiveness
  • Using OKRs to sync strategy and execution