Catherine Chen Gaolan, Certified Coach

About Catherine

Catherine is an expert in the field of Corporate Talent Development and Management. Her experience includes leading the Talent Development & Management program for a Fortune Global 500 company. Her achievement in Talent Development was rewarded by the Excellence of Education Awards of Life Office Management Association.

Many of Catherine’s clients had the busy-but-not-productive problem. People worked hard on work output but did not focus on work outcomes; they were not able to connect their work to the bigger picture of the organization.  With this in mind, she explored how to enhance the alignment and execution within companies, and discovered OKRs in 2017. Recently, Catherine joined to focus on OKRs coaching to improve execution.

As a Chinese native, Catherine is fluent in Mandarin. She graduated from the University of Sheffield with a Master’s degree in Multilingual Information Management.


Areas of Expertise

  • Integrating OKRs with performance management
  • Distinguishing between OKRs and KPIs
  • Coaching OKRs in Asia

What Clients Say

I’m delighted with Catherine Chen’s coaching service! The amount of effort and time saved driving results and accountability with Catherine’s help has been massive. We see increased alignment through focus on goals.

Kelvin Choong
CEO, Blacksire

 “We tried OKRs on our own for about a year. Catherine’s OKRs expertise helped diagnose our current practice. She introduced best practices such as writing stretch key results with a pre-defined target and commit level. Even after a single session with Catherine, our team got value. We are moving to a more frequent OKRs cycle and revisiting how to connect OKRs with performance appraisals.”

Du Fei Yang
Senior Software Architect with SF Technology

“Catherine facilitated a productive OKRs drafting session. She helped expand my thinking to capture my team’s dependencies across departments. Embracing a cross-functional approach to OKRs contributed to our success. I am impressed by Catherine’s deep knowledge of OKRs.”

Liu Jing
Dian Shi Jia Zhuang, Senior Interior Designer

“Catherine guided me through each step of writing OKRs for my company. Her coaching enabled me to realize how critical it is to define the right OKR as part of our overall business planning and to drive execution. I rate her 10 out of 10.”

Luo Chang
CEO, Hua Shuo Tong Nian Technology