Catherine Chen Gaolan, Certified Coach

About Catherine

Catherine is an expert in the field of Corporate Talent Development and Management. Her experience includes leading the Talent Development & Management program for a Fortune Global 500 company. Her achievement in Talent Development was rewarded by the Excellence of Education Awards of Life Office Management Association.

Many of Catherine’s clients had the busy-but-not-productive problem. People worked hard on work output but did not focus on work outcomes; they were not able to connect their work to the bigger picture of the organization.  With this in mind, she explored how to enhance the alignment and execution within companies, and discovered OKRs in 2017. Recently, Catherine joined to focus on OKRs coaching to improve execution.

As a Chinese native, Catherine is fluent in Mandarin. She graduated from the University of Sheffield with a Master’s degree in Multilingual Information Management.


Areas of Expertise

  • Integrating OKRs with performance management
  • Distinguishing between OKRs and KPIs
  • Coaching OKRs in Asia



What Clients Say

I’m delighted with Catherine Chen’s coaching service! The amount of effort and time saved driving results and accountability with Catherine’s help has been massive. We see increased alignment through focus on goals.

Kelvin Choong
CEO, Blacksire

What I love most about Catherine’s OKRs coaching is the part where she did not emphasize only the numerical goals but the qualitative goals that are far more important as it expands our team members’ thinking to understand the purpose and value of what we are doing now.

Ken Chin
Executive Director, Business Network International Malaysia KLSE

The value of Catherine’s OKRs coaching to us is that she gave us more purpose and clarity on what we should do. It really broadens our perspective. We dive deep into our goals which are aligned with our company mission.

Marx Chua
CEO, Rotal Group Sdn Bhd

Catherine transformed my team’s mindset from task-driven to value-driven by using OKRs. Through her coaching, we have figured out some directions and action plans to create and capture the “blue ocean” in financial solutions.

Doulfer Lee
Chairman, IFM Ehsan Sdn Bhd

We were glad to work with Catherine given her extensive experience with OKRs. Her coaching was informative and easy to understand. I recommend her to all companies looking to implement OKRs.

Fang Kai Low
Managing Director, VHR Consultancy

Catherine is an OKRs expert. She helped my company set 2021 OKRs. I like her coaching because she is both passionate and professional. I invited her to share OKRs on my Facebook live talk. Catherine received tons of positive and encouraging feedback from my audience.

Penny Wong
CEO, King Kong Diamond Academy

“Catherine is a passionate coach with an impressive skill set. She patiently guides entrepreneurs like me through OKRs. She helped me clarify the direction and pinpoint the action plans needed for my company. I recommend that other CEOs try out her OKRs coaching to identify their company’s focus.”

Kenny Lam
CEO, Polar Stomp Productions