Carol Mase, Certified Coach

About Carol

Carol has over 30 years of experience as an executive coach, pharmaceutical leader, and consultant. During her years in pharma (US and Europe) she led an organization wide transformation of Product Development and Commercialization. While consulting as an organizational change specialist, she discovered OKRs and lean-agile methods. About this same time, in 2016, Carol began a series of coaching sessions with Ben Lamorte that enabled her to deliver effective OKRs coaching to her clients.  Carol now specializes in bringing together the three legs of her coaching and consulting practice: transformation, OKRs, and agility. She has worked with banking/insurance companies, pharmaceuticals, technology/media, and service organizations. She holds a MA in Human Ecology/Interpersonal Relations and is a Doctor of Veterinary Medicine. She resides outside of Philadelphia.

Areas of Expertise

  1. Integrating OKRs with Performance Reviews
  2. Using OKRs to optimize organization with boundary-spanning teams without disruptive reorganization
  3. Integrating Agile with OKRs
  4. 1:1 OKRs coaching to enable middle managers to be more strategic