Ben discusses OKRs with Mark Gandy of CFO Bookshelf

Ben and Mark take a deeper dive into Outcome-Based OKRs

On Shaping the Future of Goal Setting and Performance

The Second Order of OKRs Questions, Part 1

Dreams with Deadlines

Founder of OKRs.com, Ben Lamorte, has more OKR coaching experience than anyone on the planet. In part one of this interview, Jenny asks Ben about his background, latest book, current trends, OKR deployment parameters, and experience working with huge companies.”

The Second Order of OKRs Questions, Part 2

Dreams with Deadlines

“What should you do at the end of an OKR cycle? What does it mean to be a Key Result champion? What do you do if you know you won’t make any impact on your OKRs this quarter? How do you make a metric that matters? In Part 2 of an interview with Ben Lamorte—an OKRs coach, author, and founder of OKRs.com—we’ll discuss these questions and more.”

Ben Lamorte, Expert OKR Coach and Author of ‘The OKRs Field Book’

The AOKR Podcast

“In this special episode Ben Lamorte talks about how OKRs have evolved over the years, why his latest book is an invaluable resource for OKRs coaches and reveals a new component to the OKRs mantra.”

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