About Certification with OKRs.com

In 2018, I launched an OKRs coaching certification beta program to meet the increasing demand for OKRs coaching. Our certification is unique as far as I know.  Back in 2017, I taught a series of 1-day OKRs training courses in China and certified about 200 business professionals in Beijing, Shanghai, and Shenzhen. However, while similar 1-day certifications may exist, we no longer offer a 1-day certification.  If you are looking for a 1-day workshop that you attend in order to receive a certificate upon completion, this program is NOT for you.

Our OKRs certification for 2020 builds off the success of Dikran in 2018 as well as a more rigorous training program that Karen and Sid completed in early 2019.  

After helping hundreds of organizations deploy OKRs, I’ve learned that it takes time to become an effective OKRs coach.  Thus, I intend to certify a small number of high-quality OKRs experts who will complete an in-depth, apprenticeship-style program.  The certification process requires months to complete.  It includes close supervision as well as access to The OKRs Fieldbook, a complete set of tools and training materials for supporting an organization’s OKRs program.

My certification program is directed at two distinct groups.

Group 1 – External OKRs Coach: You provide (or want to provide) OKRs coaching to multiple client organizations.  You may even want to explore joining our team as a certified coach and collaborating on OKRs engagements.  In other words, you want to be the “next Dikran, Karen, or Sid.”

Group 2 – Internal OKRs Coach: You want to be certified in order to better support your organization’s OKRs program. While anyone can play this role, I often find HR Business Partners and Agile Coaches make excellent internal OKRs coaches.

Group 1 – External OKRs Coach!

Whether you are actively providing OKRs coaching to your clients now or looking to get started as an OKRs coach, we’d like to hear from you.  If you’d like to join OKRs.com as a certified coach, please send your resume and cover letter directly to [email protected] for us to review.  We will contact you directly to explore the opportunity. We have North America covered for 2020; however, in mid 2020, we will be adding several coaches as we expand our ability to address the market outside English-speaking regions.  To this end, please specify where you are based as well as any languages you speak such as French, Spanish, Japanese, or Mandarin Chinese in addition to English.  We are also in need of an English-speaking OKRs coach based in Australia.  This program is open to coaches looking to join the OKRs team as a certified coach to collaborate on OKRs coaching engagements in which OKRs.com owns and manages all OKRs client billing. 

Group 2 – Support your organization’s OKRs program!

If you are looking to support OKRs within your organization, just let me know! I will have our director of business development connect with you to explore a possible collaboration.  In this case, the first step is simply to become our client!  You will play a very active role as an internal OKRs coach inside your organization for two complete cycles and upon completion, we’ll review your case study and progress to confirm you’re certification. 

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