3 Great Reasons to Take Our Free OKRs Quick Assessment

by | Jun 12, 2024 | OKRs Resources, OKRs Tools

Prior to starting OKRs.com, I believed in a career trajectory featuring seven careers, each lasting roughly seven years. After seven years, I typically lose interest in a given company or field. Earlier in my career, I look back and wonder how I was able to dedicate roughly seven to the budgeting and forecasting software space. There was a time when I actually loved making spreadsheet models and almost wrote a book on driver-based planning and how to design financial models in MS Excel! 

So, am I burnt out on OKRs? I completed my seventh year of OKRs coaching in 2020, and I felt a bit stuck. The OKRs Field Book project came just in time as it rekindled my enthusiasm; in fact, after the release of the field book in 2022, I felt ready to put in another seven years! OKAY great, but why am I writing a blog post about my career that sounds like a personal journal entry?

I am always seeking to find the sweet-spot part of my work, the part of my job that meets three conditions: 1) I truly enjoy it, 2) Clients benefit, and 3) Results are immediate. So, I’ve identified the sweet-spot of OKRs coaching for me right now, and that is why I am offering free quick assessments to anyone currently working with OKRs. Here is a breakdown of how reflecting on the three conditions led me to offer this assessment.

1) I truly enjoy it.

While I enjoy working with nearly all my clients over multiple OKRs cycles, there is something fresh and exciting about taking on a new client akin to the honeymoon phase that often occurs in new relationships. I chose to begin my career in management consulting for two reasons: 1) it seemed a lot better than investment banking and 2) I knew I would learn a ton about various business models through working with multiple organizations rather than focusing all my work into the framework of a single organization. As a student, my favorite part of school was selecting new classes each term and looking forward to learning new material. When I get to talk OKRs with someone new, it activates that same part of me that looks forward to taking new classes and learning from new professors. 

2) Clients benefit.

I tried doing these free assessments several years ago and clients always reported benefits with actionable insights. As well, readers of The OKRs Field Book often report back to me that the section on deployment parameters is the most beneficial. And, in the assessment, we touch on the ten universal deployment parameters in the context of your actual OKRs program. For anyone looking for some basic tips for improving their OKRs program, a critical reflection on deployment parameters is a great place to start.

3) Results are immediate.

This assessment should take you at most 15 minutes, and I can review your submission and make comments on up to 10 key results within 30 minutes. I can send an email with comments as well as set up an optional 30-minute zoom call to go over results. This translates to at most an hour for each of us, and we get actionable insights every single time!

So, if you are working with OKRs in your company but not engaged with an OKRs coach, now you know why I’m offering a free assessment.

if you’ve read this far, why not click below and take the assessment?


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