Announcing the OKRs Coach Network

If you’re reading this blog, you are likely familiar with at least one of the leading books on OKRs: Radical Focus (by Wodtke), Objectives and Key Results (by Niven and Lamorte), and Measure What Matters (by Doerr). These three books provide an excellent introduction to OKRs. They cover the first layer of information, such as the history and benefits of OKRs, success stories, and the distinction between an objective and a key result.

OKRs coaches want to go deeper

My colleagues and clients are asking for the answers to these deeper questions. In fact, I am working on a book with contributions from OKRs coaches around the world to provide the deeper content that OKRs coaches demand. Here are ten examples of these questions:

  1. How can we scale OKRs across a large organization with hundreds of departments?
  2. How can we set team-level OKRs to ensure cross-functional alignment rather than simply using the org-chart to define the teams that will set OKRs?
  3. How can infrastructure teams such as Legal, Human Resources, and Finance benefit from OKRs?
  4. How do we integrate OKRs into our performance management system?
  5. How do OKRs compare with KPIs?
  6. When do OKRs not add value?
  7. How do we ensure that most OKRs reflect team thinking rather than orders from the boss?
  8. How do we avoid OKRs that look like a “to-do list”?
  9. What if some employees do not see how their work contributes to our company-level OKRs?
  10. How do I facilitate an executive workshop to draft top-level OKRs?

OKRs Coach Network previewQuestions such as these seldom have a single, definitive answer that works for every organization. Therefore, we created the OKRs Coach Network to address questions like these and gather input from coaches around the world. The mission of the network is to enable OKRs coaches to connect and exchange best practices to develop OKRs coaching skills that improve alignment, focus, engagement, communication, and learning in the global workplace.

The OKRs Coach Network is live!

Members are connecting with OKRs coaches on our discussion board and participating in Q&A sessions with leading OKRs experts. Members gain access to materials such as

  • OKRs tracker worksheets and handouts for training workshops
  • OKRs coaching proposals and statements of work
  • Coaching email templates to use at each step of the OKRs cycle

Click here to learn more about the OKRs Coach Network.


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