Announcing New Player in Enterprise Goal Management

by | Feb 3, 2015 | OKRs Software

In my role as Enterprise Goal Management (EGM) Analyst with Eckerson Group, I meet with the next generation of “goals software” players.

I recently met Chris Pieper over lunch at UC Davis. I enjoyed the best years of my life as an undergraduate at Davis. Chris had a sparkle in his eye that took me back to my college days. You just don’t see that kind of sparkle in the business world very often. The sparkle I saw was the excitement for revolutionizing the game of management.

About Chris

Chris is CEO of Alliance Enterprises based in Washington state.  He founded and grew ABC Technologies and back in 90’-00’ and sold them to the SAS in 2002.  He’s led Alliance for 7 years and now moving back into the space.  There are a dozen or so supercool software startups entering the EGM space. The fact that Alliance is a 100+ person software company makes them an intriguing new entrant in the burgeoning goals software space.

About MyObjectives

Alliance just announced their market introduction with an open beta period for MyObjectives. Their solutions focus on “team-level scorecards” and build upon past management methodologies such as Balanced Scorecard, MBOs and OKRs with an integration of Gamification.

Alliance was using early generations of MyObjectives internally for several years. I’m looking forward to covering the MyObjectives story as part of my Enterprise Goal Management software vendor research with Eckerson Group.

As for sparkle, check out this short video. You’ll see that sparkle when Chris talks. If you watch closely, you might catch the sparkle in my eyes as well!


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